8 Simple Habits That Stop Complicating Weight Loss Process

Weight loss habits

Despite hard discipline and strong will, the number on the scale disappoints you? It is quite possible that it could be due to the following eight habits that affect weight loss and stops you from losing those extra pounds.

Long-term sleep deprivation

Sleep duration and sleep intensity are critical to your success. Why?

Those who sleep too little (<7 hours) produce more Ghrelin – a hormone responsible for controlling hunger. It also slows down energy expenditure and prevents the stored fat from being broken down overnight.

Have a good sleep routine and get seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

Stress in the morning

Absolute fan of the snooze function on the alarm clock? But after you have turned around in a bed once or twice, the final stressful minute comes and it happens that you rush to work like crazy.

This habit should rather be quickly reconsidered because stress in the morning is one reason for the increased release of cortisol. The stress hormone interferes with your body in building proteins.

Even worse, it pulls proteins from the muscles to convert them into glucose and gives the body the necessary energy. This means that muscles are broken down, which were previously gained during hard training.

How do you recognize the elevated cortisol levels in yourself? You are not rested, you get easily annoyed and have food cravings during the day.

Which means you better get up a little earlier.

Coffee right after getting up 

After sleep, even if you wake up in between and drink a few sips of water, the body is usually completely dehydrated. And that causes a good appetite.

But those who immediately reach for a cup of coffee or tea, do no good. Especially drinks with caffeine and tea lead to the release of cortisol, even though the body is producing adrenaline by itself. It makes more sense to drink a large glass of water or lemon water after getting up, as it makes you fit and at the same time boosts your metabolism.

Skipping lunch break

Anyone who skips their lunch and works through the break (workaholics) do no good to their body and health. Why?

Quite simply: If a meal is skipped during the day, the body automatically shuts down its energy consumption and slows down the burning of fat.

The consequences: efficiency and concentration decrease considerably. The biggest problem: cravings in the evening – the killer of any diet.

What should you do? It is better to eat something small for lunch and the body will thank you for that.

Too few steps a day

Who does not know it? “I prefer to take the escalator” or “oh no, it’s raining, I will drive my car” – just these little things in everyday life ensure that we do not reach the basic level of movement.

Especially with an office job. Get fit! Everybody should ideally take 10,000 steps every day. How is this best to be done?

Use the stairs in the subway, at work, and at home, take a short break around the block during the break or leave the car in the garage for a few days or a week. Also optimal: one stop earlier from the bus and go home on foot. These little things cause great things in the future.

Only rely on cardio training

The myth: Only through intensive cardio, the kilograms can vanish. Not even close! Strength training is the key. By building muscle mass, the body works even at rest and thus favors fat metabolism.

In other words, the more muscles you have, the more fat you burn. How to do that? When the body consumes more energy than it consumes through nutrition, it is forced to store fats. Jackpot!

Sugar as a reward

A week of hard training and a new, healthy eating plan have been successful – and now you want to reward yourself. You can! But that is to be considered.

Ideally, do not over-eat sugary foods and drinks, but instead, reward yourself with sweet things without white sugar – such as rewarding sugar-free candy bars or dried apple rings. Sweet reward without guilt! Sound good, right?

Not enough healthy fats

Many people eat too little healthy fats! Many forget that they can help you to lose some weight.

The daily food intake should consist of 30 percent healthy fats. With a body height of 170 cm and a daily requirement of 1900 calories, this is about 63 grams of fat (570 calories) a day.

Fats control the hormonal balance and keep hormones in balance. Above all, testosterone production is promoted by healthy fats, such as omega-3. This also has a tremendously positive effect on muscle growth. And the more muscle mass is present, the more calories are burned during the rest.

We recommend you such food as avocados, almonds, almond butter, walnuts, flaxseed oil, olive oil, flax seeds, chia seeds and fatty fish salmon, mackerel, tuna and herring, all containing omega-3.

You should avoid trans-fat and too many saturated fats, for example, in sausages, fatty meats, and fatty cheese, butter and lard, palm and coconut fat, baked goods and sweets.

In short: Without healthy fats, goals, like losing weight and building muscle, cannot be achieved.


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