Apple Cider Vinegar Diet – Can It Really Help With Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

For many years now, apple cider vinegar has managed to strip off its dusty image as grandmother’s home remedy. And is repeatedly treated by health gurus as a healthy elixir of digestion, a strong immune system, and low blood sugar. But can one also lose weight with the fermented potion? 

The concept around this sour-tasting liquid diet promises to reduce your weight over a few weeks. We reveal why this really works.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar variety that – as the name suggests – is made from fresh apples. Only a kind of cider is brewed. By adding certain bacteria, the alcohol then turns to vinegar.

The acid (about 5 percent) is one of the key ingredients of the drink in terms of our health. It is not only eaten as a salad dressing but has been used for centuries as an all-purpose weapon in Grandma’s medicine cabinet.

What’s really behind the myths (improved digestion, hypoglycemic effect, fat burner effect, etc.), which revolve around the effect of this diet, we will reveal later on.

In addition, there are some vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in it.

This is how this diet works

This diet is based on a very simple concept that can be implemented in everyday life.

There are several versions, but the most popular is this. Before each meal, one should drink a small dose of vinegar.

It is best to stir two tablespoons of the home remedy in a glass of (lukewarm) water. Drink it 15 minutes before the meal. The drink must be taken regularly for several weeks to be able to enjoy the positive effects of the diet.

That is the only rule of the vinegar diet. But to really lose weight, you should, of course, pay attention to a balanced, light and healthy diet.

For anyone who continuously eats burgers, fries, toast and salami pizza, will see no results.

We strongly recommend reducing the daily calorie intake (1,200 calories are optimal) and focusing primarily on high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, vegetable fats. As well as lots of fresh vegetables plus a bit of fruit. Sugar, simple carbohydrates and similar products, on the other hand, should be avoided.

Exercise also helps to burn calories as well as fat and thus causes weight loss.

The benefits of the diet at a glance

Stabilizes blood sugar

Scientists believe that apple cider vinegar has a positive impact on our blood sugar levels.

study has already shown that the intake of vinegar dropped by 34 percent after volunteers had eaten white bread.

So the home remedy could not only help prevent type 2 diabetes but also put an end to cravings. Because of a rapid increase or decrease in blood sugar, the desire of our body for an energy boost in the form of sugar increases significantly.

If this remains stable, we are less tempted to snack on unhealthy snacks. Over time, this also makes a positive impact on the scale.

Promotes fat loss

A constantly elevated blood sugar level promotes the overproduction of insulin. If the levels of the hormone produced in the pancreas are chronically elevated, the body stores fatter.

The fat burning is, however, paralyzed. Since apple cider vinegar keeps blood sugar and therefore insulin levels stable, it can easily be broken down again.

A study from 2001 confirms the effect on mice. If the animals were fed 0.51 ml of vinegar per kilogram of body weight, not only their appetite but also the weight gain was significantly reduced.

Stimulates digestion

Apple vinegar is considered a natural remedy for slow digestion, flatulence or constipation.

The reason for this is that it works like a gentle laxative, which accelerates the process. Above all, it favors the processing of carbohydrates and fats.

Apple cider vinegar also stimulates the formation of digestive juices.

Balances the acid-base balance

The fruit vinegar may taste sour, but it helps the body to form a valuable base. This, in turn, compensates for an excess amount of acid, which is often the result of an unhealthy diet.

If the balance of the natural acid-base balance matches, we feel well all around in our body.

Symptoms such as heartburn, fatigue or skin problems typically associated with hyperacidity are improved quickly. And losing weight is easier because the metabolism can go back to its normal function.

Makes you full

Swedish study from 2005 proved it: Foods that are refined with apple cider vinegar, provide for a better hunger.

An exact reason was not mentioned, but the effect could be related to the blood sugar-regulating effect of the fruit vinegar.

Side effects of the diet

The apple cider vinegar diet is harmless to health, as the remedy is taken in addition to a balanced diet.

However, regular drinking of this sour-tasting liquid and the acid it contains may cause tooth problems or burn in the throat.

It is therefore important to dilute it with enough water or to add it into foods, for example as a salad dressing. This also relieves the astringent taste, which many people do not like.

In an emergency, the slimming drink can also be sweetened with a little honey or apple juice; be mixed with cinnamon or lemon.


Numerous scientists have already dealt with the effects of this sour-tasting liquid – but the positive research results are repeatedly criticized.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) also thinks that there is not enough evidence to finally confirm the healthy and slimming effect of apple vinegar.

But science or not – we think that the healthy potion may not work wonders, but can positively support a diet.

Due to the little effort of the vinegar treatment, it is worthwhile to test it and find out if it works for you. You cannot do anything wrong with that.

However, the healthy diet change that is always associated with the diet is also important.

For even gallons of it would not help if the daily meals consist of unhealthy fats or refined carbohydrates.

Those who do not know enough about healthy eating habits or need more rules to maintain discipline can also combine the cider vinegar cure with another diet.

Concepts such as the low-carb, Mediterranean or ketogenic diet are optimally suited to achieve the desired weight within a few weeks.


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