Breakfast Cereals – How Healthy Is It For Your Children

Breakfast Cereals

In the morning, most families have to lave the house in a hurry. So there is hardly any time for a hearty breakfast. “How healthy are cereals”, parents and children think. 

Because these are quick to prepare, taste delicious and should be healthy on top of that. But this is exactly what the consumer organization Food Watch is taking care of.

Funny figures, colorful colors, and toys as additional benefits. The packaging of the most breakfast cereals tempt kids, as a kid usually do not like to eat in the morning.

Without any protest, parents tend to buy cornflakes, crisps, honey pops or other cereals and they are happy about it. After all, the grain is healthy – with milk even more healthy right?

In addition, many cereal flakes even contain extra nutrients such as vitamins to help keep kids fit for the day. Sounds great!

The Berlin-based consumer organization Food Watch, however, sees things differently. It has examined 143 products that appeal exclusively to children with their presentation and advertising. With the little pleasing result: In every second pack, the testers found a too high amount of sugar.

The cereals are too sweet

About 10 percent of sugar is considered acceptable for a healthy breakfast. However, almost all of the content of the breakfast flakes for children examined by Food Watch is far from that content.

Four out of five products contain over 20 percent sugar; in every second pack even at least 30 percent and in some even more than 43 percent sugar.

Far too much criticizes the Berlin consumer organization: “There can be no question of healthy cereal,” says Food Watch spokesman Oliver Huizinga.

“Many kinds of cereal have more sugar than cakes or chocolate biscuits. The so-called cereals for children are therefore one thing above all: sweets with muesli coating and no suitable breakfast for children. “

What can parents do?

We know that too much sugar promotes extra weight and tooth decay in the long run. After all, more than 15 percent of all children in Germany are considered overweight, 6 percent even suffer from severe obesity or morbid obesity.

However, parents can make sure that breakfast cereal is a healthy breakfast by making a conscious choice. By the way, anyone who thinks that the solution to expensive branded products is the solution is wrong, as are all those who only serve organic breakfast cereals. In both cases, just as with discounters, there are plenty of manufacturers who add more than 20 percent sugar.

The Berlin consumer representatives advise a close look at the label. And it is better to choose breakfast cereals that contain at most 10 percent sugar.

In addition, Food Watch offers the opportunity to participate in an e-mail campaign. Parents can use it to encourage producers of cereal to be more cautious when using sugar.


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