Chocolate Diet To Lose Weight – Let’s Find Out

Chocolate Diet

In many diets chocolate is not even in question, the many calories and the high sugar content should be equal to the high amount of weight gain. But there is a new method in which chocolate plays the main role – this method is called Chocolate diet. The perfect slimming diet for all sweet-toothed cats.

Whether this diet is really as easy as its name promises, we have looked closer. The pants are too tight, you do not feel fit and the bacon rolls on your stomach is getting more and more, and yet we do not want to give up the chocolatey calorie bombs.

It is usually the small sweets, such as mini chocolate bars or some Nutella on the bread, which will soon be fatal. Because then you can quickly snack on something more and forget often that such snacks can lead to rapid weight gain.

Say goodbye to the cravings

The chocolate diet sounds like a heavenly diet: just eat chocolate while losing weight? Does it work? Yes, it works!

Many quench their food cravings after they have abstained from sweets for days. But if you do without sweets for a while, the body reacts like you’ve taken something vital out of it. The desire for sweets is then unbearable and it comes to the next food cravings.

In the end, you usually eat more sweets at once than you would have had in the days before. This, in turn, leads to weight gain and the days of starvation were completely done for nothing.

But now there is a diet that allows us to eat as much chocolate as we want. And without bad conscience and weight gain.

How does the chocolate diet work?

A diet where you can eat as much chocolate as you want? It is no wonder that many skeptics have problems with the concept. Nevertheless, experts point out the positive effects of the chocolate diet and think that it is quite possible with this diet to quickly get rid of a few extra kilos. The trick is that you can eat as much chocolate as you want, but it has to be pure chocolate. Chocolate spread, chocolate cake and other products containing chocolate must NOT be consumed. That means no chocolate spread, chocolate cake or other chocolate bars with stuffing such as caramel or nuts. It also does not matter which variation you choose. From whole milk to dark chocolate everything is allowed. Incidentally, white chocolate is one of them.

The only rule is that you can enjoy only the pure one. In addition, all other foods have to be avoided.

No vegetables, no fruit, and no more meat. Here it comes to a weight loss because of the bitter substances contained in the chocolate.

The problems with the mono-diet

A mono diet includes diets where you can only eat one type of food. This is also the secret of the chocolate diet. On the other hand, doctors do not advise against such a radical diet. The method is by no means healthy.

When you do a mono-diet, you can feel sick quickly. In addition, you lack the energy and might constantly feel sleepy. For those who want to try it anyway, a mono-diet is the perfect option to get rid of two to three kilos after the holidays.

As a rule of thumb: You should not be on the chocolate diet for more than 7 days, otherwise, you can cause significant damage to your body.

The benefits of the chocolate diet

In her book ” Die Schoko-Diet ” Ruth Moschner writes about her experience and the desire of dream figure. So she says that you should not only eat chocolate but just eat 2 pieces of dark chocolate before each meal. This should fill your stomach with something and reduce your appetite so that you do not have too much hunger and eat less.

Other benefits include, for example, that you can eat as much chocolate as you like without guilt. Since you only eat chocolate, you also lose extra calories, which you would otherwise have to eat in addition to the sweets.

Do not forget a lot of water!

By the way, you also have to be careful here. Mostly water and no-calorie drinks like Coke Zero are allowed. Black coffee is another option. The best option is always simple water.

Finally, we want to say that this weight loss method is anything but recommendable. Radical diets are never the solution and only fulfill one thing: our desire for instant results.


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