Exposing Healthy Diets – The 10 Things You Need To Know About a Balanced Diet


Everyone knows that crash diets are unhealthy and do not last long. But how do you recognize the best diet? We have the checklist with the most important criteria.

The diet market is very competitive: everyone claims to have the best diet to offer. Promises like 7 kilos in 7 days are not uncommon.

However, usually, no one warns you about the yo-yo effect. But how does one recognize the best diet and how to expose unhealthy crash diets?

Just go through our checklist point by point. If one or more of these points apply to your weight loss program, you better keep away from it.

The checklist for a healthy diet:

  • The daily energy intake is below 1200 kilocalories – can quickly lead to a lack of nutrients!
  • It is promised a decrease in a very short period of time – for example, “slim for the wedding” or “slim for the party”. Such diets promote the yo-yo effect.
  • The food choices are unbalanced, one-sided, or certain combinations are prohibited – for example, the pineapple diet.
  • The diet is associated with the purchase of dietary supplements – this can quickly become very expensive.
  • The diet mentions negative calories and fat burners – the effect of such foods is negligible.
  • A weight reduction of more than one kilogram per week is promised – only slow weight loss is sustainable.
  • It will be advertised with reviews of formerly overweight (e.g. with before / after pictures) – such pictures and reports can be manipulated.
  • Diet is associated with high costs. You have to sign a contract – which is not a sign of something not serious, even food coaches charge quite high fees, but check very carefully what services you receive!
  • The diet comes at a cost, and you cannot pre-check the offer – as with certain online offers.
  • You are promised a guarantee of success – the success of a diet depends solely on you!


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