Turbo Diet-3 Best Diets For Radical Weight Loss

Diets to lose weight fast

Turbo diets are particularly popular in females. In order to lose a few pounds at the start of the bikini season, such a radical weight loss concept is just as needed. 

The process is less healthy but on the other hand, we can see fast visible success – at least on the scales. Some lightning diets even promise a radical weight loss of about 4 kilos per week, making them a real favorite for impatient candidates.

Turbo Diet – When does fast weight loss make sense?

These turbo diets are well suited for those who want to lose a few kilograms as fast as possible. For example, when the summer beach vacation is imminent, a woman has to get into shape for her own wedding or similar event, or you simply have no patience to wait long for results.

However, everyone knows that a turbo diet doest not target specific problematic zones. If you are satisfied with your stomach and you are bothered with your thighs, you should consider physical activities and not just dieting. 

We especially have to consider that the weight loss in crash diets is primarily due to water that is driven out of the body. However, such a concept is only suitable for a short period of time. For more than a few days you should not use the Blitz diet, which makes it absolutely unsuitable for anyone who wants to lose weight permanently.

Advantages and disadvantages of radical weight loss


  • Lose weight fast
  • Ideal to lose a few kilos
  • Easy to implement
  • Less expensive than conventional formula diets
  • Ideal for attuning the body to a sustained, balanced dietary change or detoxifying/detoxifying the body


  • Only suitable as a temporary solution for a few days/weeks
  • No targeted weight loss at the problem areas possible
  • Headache or fatigue are typical side effects
  • Very one-sided menu
  • A strong feeling of hunger
  • Beware of lightning diets and regular tablet intake or diseases!

The Turbo Diet – That’s how it works

There are several concepts called the turbo diet. Most focus on a very one-sided nutritional plan. Often we focus on a particular ingredient, but all the other foods we completely eliminate from the dietary regimen.

However, no matter how different they may appear, constant hydration plays an important role when it comes to radical weight loss. A lot of drinking is an unwritten law in a turbo diet. 

The body absorbs less liquid through the low intake of food and must be so supplied with at least 3 liters of water a day. A pleasant side effect is that the stomach is full and water somewhat reduces the feeling of hunger. In addition to water, one can also consume unsweetened tea.

Juice fasting

The juice diet has now become a cleansing cure, which many consider before dieting or a long-term one. With this concept, one completely waives solid food. The nutritional basis is fresh organic juices from fruits and vegetables. You need to drink up to 750 milliliters daily to guarantee an adequate supply of vitamins to the body. 

In addition, at least 3 liters of water are added daily. Herbal tea is also allowed. The juice treatment should not be carried out for more than one to two weeks.

Advantages of juice fasting: High weight loss of sometimes 4 kilos per week. The body is also supplied with high-quality juices with very important nutrients and vitamins. In addition, toxins are driven out of the body. The cure is well suited before starting with a conventional diet.

Disadvantages of juice fasting: The lack of solid food is noticeable with tiredness, concentration problems, and headaches. Therefore, it is difficult to integrate the cure in everyday working life. Even a constantly present feeling of hunger is difficult to prevent.


A mono-diet is the turbo dietary regimen that only allows the consumption of a particular food. There are now countless concepts of this kind, which focus primarily on different fruits and vegetables. Well-known examples are the pineapple, the potato or the raw food diet. 

As the name suggests, for the duration of the diet one consumes only the specific food.  The nutritional plan excludes all other foods or supplements such as salt or spices. The highest priority is also hydration. You should drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

Advantages of Mono-diet: Up to 3 or 4 kilos can be eliminated with a mono-diet in just a few days. In addition, the diet is quite easy to implement, you do not have to cook much or you do not have to shop.

Disadvantages of Mono-diet: It is very monotonous and there is a risk of malnutrition if the process lasts too long. This is a good weekend dietary regimen, but for a long time, we do not recommend it. Often you also have to fight here with fatigue, headaches and a strong feeling of hunger.

Cabbage Soup Diet

For real gourmets, this dietary regimen is difficult to recommend. Not everyone can make friends with the characteristic taste of cabbage. The results speak for themselves, as this cabbage soup nutritional plan leads to success relatively quickly. There are now countless recipes with the cabbage

In addition to cabbage, the soup is often additionally refined with various types of vegetables such as peppers or carrots. However, no salt. In addition, there are variants where only the soup forms a nutritional basis. Others also use potatoes or fruits and dairy products. This is then considered a “light” cabbage soup diet.

Advantages of cabbage soup diet: The advantages are that you can “eat enough” based on the soup. However, this does not apply to the side dishes, which one consumes only to a limited extent. Thus, a weight reduction of up to 4 kilos per week is quite possible.

Disadvantages of cabbage soup diet: The strong smell of the cabbage and also the taste do not suit everyone. Anyone who refrains from side dishes also feeds very one-sidedly, despite the vitamin-rich cabbage, which is why one quickly loses the “desire”. Flatulence and bad breath are also not excluded.

Advice to take away

If the energy intake is drastically reduced in a turbo diet, the body automatically throws the energy-saving mode. The disadvantage is that the body, as soon as it is supplied with regular and calorie-containing food, wants to play it safe so to speak. Therefore, hoarding power and puts it in reserve for the next “emergency”.

This is an ancient physical mechanism from which, for example, our ancient Stone Age ancestors could benefit greatly when food was scarce. Today, however, we have plenty of food available, which makes this storage function a real nightmare. If you lose weight quickly, you will just as quickly gain back.

Because of this, it happens that after the turbo dietary regimen is complete one might suddenly gain more weight than before. This effect is called a “yo-yo effect” in which the weight jumps alternately up and down. This is not only annoying but also an enormous burden for the body.

Is it worth it at all, if the yo-yo effect is pre-programmed? Basically, one should be aware that weight gain cannot really be prevented. However, we can avoid this nightmare by switching the nutrition accordingly after such a dietary regimen and focusing on healthy low-calorie foods.

It is therefore not advisable to “reward” yourself with pizza or fast food directly after you completed the process. This negates the result of the short dietary phase and nibbles neatly on motivation and self-confidence.

It is certainly not a solution to losing many pounds. However, it forms a good basis to adjust to a consistent dietary change and to achieve the desired numbers on the scale. Therefore, these nutrition plans are so popular even with impatient dieters. 

In the run-up, however, you should be sufficiently informed about possible risks of malnutrition. After all, this type of nutrition is only a temporary alternative and therefore only suitable for a few days, even for a few weeks. 


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