Vegetable Smoothie

Smoothie with fruits and vegetables

Total: 15 min

Difficulty: easy


  1. For the vegetable smoothie, wash and clean salad and leaf spinach
  2. Peel a banana and cut into pieces. Quarter the apple, remove the core and cut into pieces. Peel the kiwi and cut into pieces.
  3. Fill vegetables and fruits together with the water in a blender and finely puree. If necessary, add some water.

Nutritional values: ​​

Energy 195kcal 9%
Protein 4g 7%
Fat 1g 1%
Carbohydrates 36g 12%

Vital substances:

Vitamin C 80.1mg 80%
Calcium 129.0mg 13%
Magnesium 87.1mg 23%
Vitamin E 1,9mg 16%


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